If you are already blogging, then you will know that operating a blog is a great way to share your perspective, connect with like-minded people and inspire discussions. But did you know that blogging can also be used to help you find your dream job or available internships?


The aim of having a blog is to spark conversation. Your website is where you introduce thoughts and ideas that are important to you. For example, if you are on an internship search in Australia, you can use your website to impress internship providers. Your website can also be used as a kind of venue, where others can discover different ideas and respond to them (yes I’m talking about the comment section!). The conversations that happen online will create a connection, and the relationships are a way to connect with the overall community.

blog to impress internship providerBlogging takes place in a more interconnected space than most of our face-to-face discussions do. Blogging can provide different chances for you to network with different organisations and public figures that are important to you. It doesn’t matter if they are in the same city as you, or on the other side of the world. Networking is a great way for people to gain exposure with foundations and companies that interest you. You need to be following their blogs and ensure that you leave thoughtful comments on their posts, as they do for you.


The best personal blogs are actually those that are professional portfolios. If your talent is freelance writing, then ensure that you have your best articles on show so that people can see your skills. If you are a photographer, then display your best shots.

If you’re a volunteer, then share your story. Just make sure that your blog supplements and compliments your resume.

Your personal brand

Your blog is more than a place for you to put your great ideas. It is like a billboard that advertises what you believe in and who you are. A blog is more than words and images; it is your place to share your intellectual and visual aesthetics.

Post often

Blogs need to be updated frequently so they can draw more attention than those who are not posting often. Try and stick to a consistent publishing schedule so you can prove that you have good time management and dedication. Ensure you choose a program that you can keep up with. It doesn’t matter if you are posting once a day, one a week or one a month,  as long as you are sticking to what you decide.

Showcase your skills

Your blog is where you show off your strongest attributes. Post about your successes and show off your critical thinking, community engagement and communication skills.

Be professional

Your blog should be a source of pride for you. If you don’t want a future employer to see the blog, then you need to make some changes. A professional blog is balanced and fair. Your blog needs to not rely on assumptions – you want facts only. When you write a post, leave it for some time and come back with fresh eyes to look over it again. Use a spelling program like Grammarly to check for errors in your work (This is great if spelling and grammar checking is not your strong point).

If you follow the tips outlined above I’m sure you’ll find new job opportunities in no time at all! And once you do –  don’t forget to show them your new portfolio!