Entrepreneurship is the zeal and ability to initiate, organise, and manage a new business investment alongside all its associated and potential risks to make profits. An entrepreneur is somebody who starts, organises, and finances new business enterprises in order to make profits.

It is not easy to become a successful entrepreneur. According to Steve Jobs, becoming a successful entrepreneur demands perseverance and ability not to give up when tough times come or the business seems to fail.

Moreover, Tim Schmidt stated that innovation and risk-taking are important characteristics of an entrepreneur. These characteristics are important for the entrepreneur to navigate the increasing and ever-changing competitive global marketplace successfully.

The emergence and development of the Internet have improves the face of entrepreneurship. Nowadays, most people are now turning to the internet as a viable ground to become an internet entrepreneur. According to Wikipedia, an Internet entrepreneur is somebody who starts, organises, and finances an Internet-based business undertaking and makes profits from it through initiatives and risks. Hence, entrepreneurs can leverage the Internet to make more income.

However, if you are still not how the internet has made everyone an entrepreneur, here is a list of how the internet has made entrepreneurs:

The Internet Offers a Wide Range of Business Opportunities

Virtually everything can be done online. The Internet offers the opportunity for entrepreneurs to market their products and services. Entrepreneurs don’t need to be an internet guru to be able to become an internet entrepreneur. The reality is that the Internet offers endless opportunities to generate income. All you need to do to become a successful internet entrepreneur is to identify a niche, do a feasibility study, develop a business plan, start your internet-based business, and strive to succeed.

Moreover, the internet enables you to do what you’re passionate about. You only need to follow your dreams and passions. Remember, if you’re an employee, you’re only helping to increase someone else’s profits, but if you’re an entrepreneur, you’re earning profits for yourself by doing those things you love.

The Internet Helps You to Expand Your Earning Potential

One thing about being a paid employee is that your earning is fixed no matter how much you work. Whereas, if you are an internet entrepreneur, you have the tendency to earn as much as you want to earn or as little as you want just as the case may be. All these depend on your type of business structure and how hardworking you are.

The Internet Offers Unlimited Hours to Work

The Internet gives you the opportunity to choose your working hour. The internet is open for you to conduct your business for 24 hours every day. Actually, the Internet gives you the ability and freedom to run your business at any hour of the day. Though in the real sense, it is important to note that your business working hours will be determined largely by the type of business you run and your customers.

For instance, if you’re based in the US and run an internet-based business, and you have most of your clients in the Asia-Pacific region, you would need to skip your sleep and be online during your customers’ working hours.

The Internet Allows Improved Customer Service

The Internet is a wide space that allows you to offer an improved and unequalled customer service to your customers. The Internet offers you the flexibility to communicate effectively with your clients using several media such as messaging and chatting apps, VOIP (Voice over IP) calls, emails, and social media, etc.

The Internet Decreases the Cost of Doing Business

Running an Internet-based business will save you the cost of running of the traditional business. For instance, if you run your business online, you do not need to go about visiting your clients, you do not need to print out paper invoices. Moreover, based on your business model, you may not need to rent an office space as you would be working remotely.

Now that you have seen the several benefits associated with conducting an internet-based business and how the Internet is making everyone an entrepreneur, don’t hesitate to take the opportunity of becoming an internet entrepreneur.