Air compressor leak occurs when some of the air generated by air compressor parts are lost through leakage. If the industry is negligent enough, about 35% of the air produced can be lost through leakage. This figure is nothing to be joked about, as it can cost big industries tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars annually as a loss. There are other inconveniences that can be done to industries as a result of air compressors leak. It can cause damages to air compressors. The downtime before it is fixed is unpalatable for the health of businesses. Leaks can shorten the lifespan of air compressors.  Business savvy industries take steps to prevent compressors leak, thereby saving costs and energies that would have been wasted otherwise. It is impossible to fix

the leak of an air compressor without first detecting it.

 Fixing air compressors leak

Check for leaks in special parts of the air compressor and fix it

There are certain parts of an oil-free air compressor that are susceptible to leakage. You should check them properly to detect if they are having leakage. One common method of checking for the leakage is by applying soapy water that has formed lather on the suspected compressor area when the air compressor is off. If there is foam or bubbles formed by the surface when the air compressor is switched on, then that surface is actually having an air compressor leak. Appropriate actions should be taken to fix the affected surface. If it is a connection, the connection should be properly tightened. The affected part may also need to be replaced with high-quality parts. Then afterwards you should switch on the air compressor to be sure that you have effectively fixed the leakage. While checking for air compressors leak, you should focus on air compressors parts like filters, control and shut-off valves, flanges, disconnects, windseals, couplings, fittings, hoses, lubrication, pipe joints, and so on. There are also parts of the air compressor that corrode easily, especially the parts made of metals. These parts should be checked properly and quickly replaced. Sometimes, it may be the tank of the air compressor that is producing the leak. In that case, you have to empty the tank of all airs. Grind the affected area with Angle Grinder. This is to ensure that all rust has been removed from the surface of the tank. Afterwards, the affected part is welded using Brazing Torch and rod.

Leaky pipe

Detecting and fixing air compressors leak using Ultrasonic Sound Do Equipment

Listening to the sound made by the hoses and connectors of air compressors during its operation is one good way to detect if it is leaking. Thereby motivating you to take appropriate actions. If you listen carefully during the operation of an air compressor, you may notice some hissing sounds that indicate the air compressor is actually leaking. Moreover, irrespective of how keen your listening ability is, there are kinds of sounds that are far below what your ear can capture. The best detection method is to use Ultrasonic Sound Detector. This air compressor leak detection equipment has special equipment it uses in detecting ultrasonic sounds. It can detect and specify the actual area in an air compressor that is having leakage. Once the leaking spot in the air compressor is detected, it is your duty to take swift actions in fixing the leak. Tightening the affected joint, or replacing it if there is a ready-made replacement can fix the leak. These ultrasonic sound detection equipment are compact inbuilt and do not constitute any nuisance in space. You can get a good one from a reputable manufacturer and use it to quickly detect and fix air compressor leakage.