Are your employees running a little slow? Do they tend to slack off?

All professionals involved in business leadership coaching will always stress the importance of having a central team environment. Check out these benefits of employees working in the same physical space or working area provided through research from professional business coaching: As we are growing with the modern world, we are seeing workplaces become much more isolated and less productive. We are seeing closed off cubicles that discourage teamwork and create more of a competition based attitude rather than that of a team/cooperative environment. This type of working area can lead to high-stress, depression and a lack of motivation to get the job done and have it completed properly to the highest standard possible.

In order to change this problem with employees we need to break the trend. Companies that thrive and continue to grow like Facebook, YouTube and Google work towards shared desks that encourage co-working, cooperation and open spaces that create collaboration and conversation.

Teamwork Over Being Competitive

Workplaces now seem to value individuals than groups. This is mainly due to the way the companies are structured and set-up. Departments tend to award individual talent rather than group talent which
forces employees to compete to fight for that individual spotlight. This is how office politics start and fails to move the company to their goals. group work-spaces is able to give team groups the chance to work together to achieve goals. Interaction is important to keep people happy and from feeling dull and depressed.

Using People to Create Ideas

A trusted business advisor will tell you that if you have a group or team of workers working together it can help people to understand the different backgrounds and the different opinions that cultures may have and how they think about different things. Different perspectives can be brought into things when you have different backgrounds and cultures with different opinions and ideas. Co-workers may find a solution to your problem just by looking at it from a different perspective. Most strategic business advice will tell you that group work-spaces allow people to share ideas and come up with more creative and free solutions.

Improved Office Health

Work-spaces that encourage employees to work in the same area often have less stress and depression, according to numerous case studies. Today the world is nerve-wracking and everything can be considered to have a certain level of stress and anxiety associated with it. It is important for both the employees and the business for friendly relationships to be formed at both home and the workplace. These relationships will lead to a strong dynamic being built within the team and a foundation of trust and reliance between each different member.

More Energy

There is no motivation when people are confined to small corners of little cubicles. How are you going to revive your energy if there is no interaction with other employees or friendly chats with colleagues? Employees can help to motivate people and offer support if someone is struggling with a job that needs to be completed. Working with people who are like-minded can help regain your energy and give you a well needed emotional boost every so often, keeping you positive and totally invested.

Having a lively, positive and upbeat environment will encourage a free flow form of conversation and discussions. Having these types of conversations and discussions will inspire creativity and allow for new aspects of decisions to be reached. This all in turn will help lead to more business for your company and give your employees a chance to take control and really encourage the use of their ideas. Having a high energy environment will lead to confidence, having a confident team will in turn lead to confident clients.

Efficiency and Productivity

Combined environments can have the ability to bring out the best work of people. People need to be allowed to think outside the box, to think outside their tiny little cubicle and to problem solve in more various ways. If you lock yourself inside your room all day with no interaction, no nice window to look out for inspiration and no communications with the outside world for around eight hours each day you are going to go downhill emotionally and find yourself lost and completely drained of energy and motivation. It is time to get employees out of their boxes and into a more wide-open space where they have plenty of light, plenty of interaction and where they can take their eyes off the screen for five minutes and see more than just four white walls.

There are many important factors to consider when you are aiming to develop the strongest team possible. Having not only a comfortable, but inclusive and welcoming environment for each and every team member to work in is a vital part of team and business success. It also helps to have managers, stakeholders, supervisors and all other team members working in the same area to help build a relationship and certain values through networking.

Having a team based work-space is the equivalent of having a locker-room for sporting team, classroom for a university lecture or a communal kitchen for aspiring chefs. It builds a team whilst developing individuals at the same time, creating relationships and bonds at the same time as building new skills and focusing on improving already existing ones.