When we talk about networking, it is all about creating connections with other people in your industry and building them into relationships for future opportunities or needs. In the construction industry, networking is super important because it is a fundamental approach that can help land your next great opportunity.

It might just put you or your company on the right path to success; for instance, a big well-known crane hire company may refer your smaller company to potential clients. Networking should be something that you continuously do throughout your life; however, don’t make it a horrible task and force it. When you meet new people in the industry, form a relationship with that person so it can then grow into a nurturing relationship.

Here are some tips that can help you network and some tricks that can help to expand the contacts:

Attend Work Function/Events

Time to take advantage of the trade associations. The top benefits of different memberships to a local, regional or state trade association gives you the ability to network with other similar minded people in your area of expertise. They often hold several conferences, seminars and meeting events throughout the year, so take advantage of this to make some new connections. If you are a bubble crane operator and want to expand your skills to something similar but more advanced then attending these meetings, may be what you need to do in order for that significant change to happen.


Never be on bad terms with anyone

This may seem a little cliché but don’t burn the bridges. You never know who you may know and end up working for in the future. Try and keep on good terms with co-workers, employers and the subcontractors that you may have worked with in the past, as it is likely you will come across these people in the future. In the construction industry, everyone knows everyone, and gossip seems to travel far.

Business Cards

Giving out business cards is an excellent way to have contact information for the new connections. Don’t just shove it in your pocket review the information and comment on it. If they have offices in another area, you could talk about expanding your business there. Use the back of the business card to write down any comments or information about the conversation or person. Ensure when giving out your business cards that all the information is accurate and correct. If the information is wrong no one can contact, you and they won’t bother chasing around looking for you.

Networking at Work

You can even network at the job site. If you are doing work at the same job site for several weeks, then get to know the people that are there working around you. When there is a commercial construction project on there can be several different trade contractors coming in and out of there. Walk around, introduce yourself and get to know them. This can help to expand your network and opportunities.

Online Platforms

Social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are an excellent way to reconnect with old co-workers and employers. Some groups are solely for the construction business, so get yourself known on the page offer advice and get interested in what other people are talking about in the group. One thing to remember is not to let online networking replace the face to face contact.

Networking changes can happen and be created almost anywhere. It all comes down to having the right conversation. This can occur at the kid’s football games or even at the grocery store. Don’t limit your networking anywhere your best opportunity yet could be a lot closer than you know.